IT'S A "SELLER'S MARKET"   -   Have you every heard the term "Seller's Market"?   This means more buyers are looking for homes than sellers listing their homes (giving sellers the advantage).   Today, many Cleveland  areas are seller's markets.  Homes in the "hottest" and most-desired areas go quickly.  In order to be competitve, you must be prepared and act fast.

GET PRE-APPROVED EARLY  -  Buyers must act quickly when they find the home of their dreams.  In order to bid on a home, you must show you are qualified to obtain a mortgage.  Waiting until you find the right home to get pre-approved is a costly "time" mistake. Today's buyers are finding most home are sometimes gone within days (even hours) of being listed on the market.


  1. Get Pre-Approved - This process will allow you to learn how much home you can afford.  Also, any "bumps" in the road to                             becoming a homeowner can be detected and corrected now.  Lastly, a pre-approval will allow you to stay ahead of your competition.  
  2. Find a Real Estate Agent and Your Home - because you are a buyer, you want  to work with a "buyer's agent" to help negotiate your side of the transaction.   Though it's not required to have a realtor help you find a home, their knowledge, insight, and connections can help insure you find the right house at the right price.   Your goal in this step is to get the house "under contract"....meaning all parties agree to terms and you are now working towards closing date.
  3. Get Mortgage Approval - by being pre-approved, much of this process is already done!  Of course, there will be other steps to complete the mortgage process, but our team of professionals will help make the transaction quick and easy.
  4. Close your mortgage and MOVE IN! - The fun part.  Congratulation!  Don't worry, we will still be there for you after the closing to make it a smooth transition.  We will also monitor rates and programs to make sure you have the best mortgage terms.



Some TIPS on the pre-approval and buying process:

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